valentine's day.

        Today was okay. I rather liked delivering singing valentines during choir. It was sort of hurtful to see all those happy stupid couples. Whatever. My math teacher is pulling all kinds of poo. I wore pink because I was supposed to for the singing valentines. She gave everyone who wore red a point of extra credit. But not pink. Well, also to a person wearing a darker shade of pink. When asked why not pink, she said "meh, just my rules." Okay, I know you hate me, but REALLY? Too obvious. She is the only teacher who could ever make me hate math. I had her in eight grade too, so this is like deja vu. Also, I got a research paper for English class back. I got a zero out of twenty for mechanics. Why? Because my teacher doubted that my ideas were original. Like, okay, I know you think I'm dumb and can't come up with complicated awesome stuff, but.... Whatever I'll talk to her and get it fixed. 
        Anyway, I got a babysitting job. White kids are too cute. I didn't have to do much, and I enjoyed it. It was three hours though, and I pretty much needed the time to teach myself the most difficult chapter of BC Calculus. Still it was worth it, because I got forty bucks. I only asked for five per hour. Some people just waste so much money.. I'm pretty sure I made almost double minimum wage before taxes. And I took an hour-long nap after I put the kids to bed. But hey, I can't complain!

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