research paper my ass.

        So right about now I am supposed to be writing a research paper. I should have started it about three weeks ago, and it is due once the weekend is over, in two days. It actually should be quite an interesting topic, the novel "1984" by George Orwell. I do believe it really is one of the best, revolutionary, most thought-provoking books ever written. Ah, Mr. Orwell, a genius you are. 
        Alas, all junior English classes are required to assign at least one research paper. So of course I need a proper thesis to be supported with restricting research. Not just any thesis either, it has to be bounded by numerous confusing and ambiguous restraints.Why was this paper chosen to be it?? This is seriously ruining the book for me. There is so much that this book changes about literature, about philosophy, about politics, about the way people think. Of course, posting to my blog is counterproductive, but I literally just sat here for three hours and came up with nothing, so I might as well.
        English class sucks. I'm not learning anything from this. I sure hope college is different. 

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