A Little Something About It

A lot of the things I post here are going to be angst-ridden, depressing, and over-analyzed. That's kind of the point, though. Here is where I can convey fully and truly my some of most private and most perplexing and most developed thoughts. Here is where nobody can just tell me to stop and get over myself. Here is where I have really learned the most about this peculiar world in which we live. By nature of a personal blog, the content will largely be from the darkest moments of my life, so take it with a grain of salt, as they say.

I try not to filter myself here. That would take away from the truth and the journey. Most of my writing will be pretty raw and stream of consciousness. The only things I edit later on would be typos and grammatical errors, because they really bother me. Please let me know if you see one of these!

It's possible that you've happened upon this randomly. If that's the case, I doubt you will ever read this far. It's more likely that you are one of the few people whom I have decided to show my blog. You're going to judge me, that's inevitable. I've shown you this because I either feel like we've grown close and I can trust you with this information and you also might enjoy this, and/or because I think I would like you to learn to view things in another light. I would most like a reader to learn something from what I've written and will write. I would like this reader to consider another's emotions fully, even if they seem irrational. I would like this reader to realize the goodness and the subjectivity of humanity. The tiniest breath and the most inaudible sigh and the shallowest gaze can have a terrible and strange and deep effects. Consider it all.

Relish it all.