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omfg when did i make this post i just found this in my drafts??? i must have been high....

I'm not crazy????

Why Women Aren't Crazy

^This article is honestly one of the most comforting things I have ever read. This is not about me as a woman, it's about my entire upbringing. Every time I would make a mistake, it was due to some whacked intrinsic attribute.
Missed a spot when washing dishes? "You are so careless you don't even care about anything outside of yourself!!" It wasn't a slip of the hand. It's part of why my perceptions of myself and my mind are so fucked, and ironically it has actually created real mental problems in me.

The last bit of the article is so so on point. Everyone is so obsessed with learning to become a bigger better person, but so much of learning is opening the mind and really unlearning.