Nomz Day.

        I pigged out today. We had math team regionals, and my friends and I emptied the vending machines. Today I ate: garlic bread, bag of cheetos, bag of cheezits, two twix bars, four slices of pizza, yogurt, string cheese, girl scout cookies, and noodles. Revolting. I looked in the mirror and thought, pudgy, lol.I played badminton, and I can only hope that it worked off enough.
        A large portion of what I miss from having someone there was the adoration I felt. A half decent boy loved my body. He almost made me love my body too. He couldn't keep his hands off of me. My body was so beautiful and desirable. I was a goddess to his testosterone-glazed eyes.
Even the prospect of my body could not overcome my sick personality.


  1. your body is still beautiful, promise :)

  2. on friday (?) when you were wearing that t-shirt/cropped jeans/black flats ensemble i was just like ZOMG THIS GIRL LOOKS SO SKINNY
    seriously was so jeals
    you have nothing to worry about