I can't believe it's finally over. After all this time. I've invested so much into it, and we once had a love so pure, not even sex tainted it. Except it did. After the love dissipated, all we had left was the ugly reminder that I had given myself to him wholly. I had let him into the dark secret parts of me that I never thought I would trust anyone enough to show. And now he will keep that guilt forever. I will too. 
Everything we had is dead. I should have mourned it already though, because it perished long ago. Yet I still can't stop thinking about all the things I could have done to fix it. All the terrible things I could have not said. Even if we are right for each other, we definitely aren't right now. This is for his happiness, and for my sanity. 
Good thing we don't have to fake it through Valentine's day. This is so hurtful. This is so right.
I wish I never met him. I wish I never fell for his beautiful blue eyes, his secure height, his adorable gray patch, his family, his touch, his voice, his charm, his adoration. 

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