valentine's day

        I was really expecting today to be kind of bad, but I also realized that it couldn't have gotten much worse than yesterday, so I remained hopeful. In the morning I tried out a pretty new makeup item that I have been coveting, and so that was nice. I wore a purple velvet shirt and my favorite shoes (extremely expensive ones that D bought, let's not forget how doting he was on me.) Before school I was tutoring and a girl that I tutor came in and gave me a Valentine as a thank you for helping her so often. That was so sweet. In physics we got our tests back, and I got a good grade so I was happy about that. We didn't do much during class so we just got to mingle again. In geometry the teacher came back and she said that she forgot to specify which parts of the chapter I was supposed to fill them in on, so the class was actually ahead rather than dreadfully lost and behind as I had feared. Then I went to English, and we finally had a real discussion that wasn't, "analyze this poem." It was engaging and reminded me of why I picked to be in the English class for yet another semester. I could tell that my teacher was glad I was talking again. The only bad part was that DC was very obviously not talking on purpose because she didn't want me to feel intimidated. At the very end of class she finally spoke up, and it was a very developed and advanced idea and everyone was kind of quiet because it was so deep and nobody had even thought that far at all. She worried for the rest of the day that everyone hated her and she spoke stupidly when in actuality she was fine and her contribution was genius. Spanish was easy and then tutoring again seventh hour was fine and I got to finish all my homework. I'm glad I saw no sign of singing valentines, as I was hidden away in the tutoring center. Finally, in Econ I gave a short casual presentation. I was really incoherent but it doesn't matter so that was fine. In the middle of the period I got a note from my counselor wishing me a happy Valentine's Day, and that she loved my paintings (she was presumably working on typing up the fake recommendation I wrote myself for the Presidential Scholars Program.)
       By far the best part was when after school LE picked me up. I gave him a little Valentine that I had lying around (the kind that elementary schoolers give to their classmates) and a little tube of my prescription acne cream lol. I hung out at his house for a few hours. We have the best conversations and I learn so much and I laugh so much. He has a wall in his kitchen where people in his family and his friends have marked their heights and labeled them with the names of basketball players, and I was Jeremy Lin. We played with his guitars and his cat and did funny random stuff like look for a hat to put the cat in. We watched TV and the weather man was just HILARIOUS I just could not stop laughing. He showed me a lot of the video game notes that he took when he was a kid and usually hides away when girls come over, but I made him show me. He gets really into geeky things, but he also knows what's important and never takes himself too seriously. We went out for dinner and got seated in the middle of everyone. They must have thought we were drunk, we were laughing so much. We had the best conversations and talked about politics and the Ottoman Empire and the concept of the Uncanny Valley. It wasn't a real date, and it wasn't a pity date either as we had this Valentine's day outing planned for at least a week. It was seriously the best Valentine's day ever, even though it's my least favorite holiday. I'm so appreciative that it turned out this way because yesterday was awful I needed so much for today to be okay. I spent a lot of money on dinner (oops) but the fried pickles appetizer and the delicious burger and the hilarious time with LE was totally worth it. I don't make very many happy posts because I don't usually feel the need to "vent" about them but today was just so good. It was so good that I'm not showering before school tomorrow because I don't want to wash this day away, and I never skip showers. I am feeling a little guilty because it seems like D's day wasn't nearly as good as mine, but oh well. Hopefully his wasn't miserable.


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