I'm too stupid to even think of a title for this post so it's just the date.
I'm insensitive, more insensitive than D, and I say mean things without thinking about any of it and then regret it so much later.
I'm trying to accept the fact that I am simply too dim to ever comprehend DC.
I need to cut my hair sometime soon it has zero style as of now but I'm too lazy.
I don't run anymore because I spend too much time crying for no reason or otherwise wasting life.
I've taken to popping random pills I find around the house several times a day just for the placebo affect.
I annoy everyone in all my classes.
My favorite student in my geometry class is mad at me and refuses to ask me questions even though I know he has them and stopped caring and so he is going to fall behind. I shouldn't have favorites anyway I'm the worst TA.
I mooch off of all my friends and can't pay them back.
I never start my homework until 8PM and then I complain about lack of sleep.
I'm the fattest and the ugliest in the physics clique.
I'm the worst in the world at linear algebra and I've stopped trying to understand what's going on in class.
I force everyone around me to put up with my stupid sad face even though they actually can't do anything about it. Somehow the only person who knows how to actually cheer me up is LE.
I can't help anyone in return for everything they've helped me with.
I cry for literally zero reasons so often and my asinine emotions are a real problem.
Have I ever mentioned that I'm the most pathetic person on the planet?
People should stop comforting and talking to me because it is only going to encourage my pathetic behavior. 


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