good times.

        EE had a bad scary day ahead of her on Friday so the Physics Clique planned a sleepover and fun times for the night. And by fun times I mean drinking. We added RS to the clique, which we had been meaning to do for a while and I'm so glad we did. Drinking has its bad connotations and for good reason. It makes people do stupid things that they never would have while sober. It's also basically like putting poison in your body. But I think that done in moderation it's just like unhealthy food and shouldn't have that many long-term health effects, and I could be wrong but either way it was kind of needed that day. I hadn't gotten totally wasted in a long time, and it was the perfect opportunity.
        The five of us were having a grand time. I took a few drinks, but didn't feel anything. Cleverly I decided then to take about six drinks in a row just because I wanted to feel it. It burned in my throat. Ten minutes later EE and I were rolling on the floor and motor skills deteriorated throughout the night. YS hid the drinks from us and that was a good idea because I thought the rolling around was as bad as it was going to get. I forgot that I'm a lightweight and it takes a while to take effect. RS and EE had never met before but they shared their stories with each other and became fast friends and it was so good. RS was just the person who was missing from the clique. If I made zero new friends for the rest of my life I think that would be fine. I love everyone in the group so much. Our insecurities almost complement each other.
        YS was hunkered over the garbage most of the time and barfed at least twice I think. Anyway, it became a really cathartic experience for everyone, with EE and I sobbing a lot a lot a lot and then I had gross puffy eyes. The two of us collapsed on the floor, and I threw up in a trash can about ten times at once. DC is literally such a productive drunk. She cleaned the trash can and baked and decorated a fucking rainbow cake for us. She's unbelievable. She took care of all of us. EE and I slept on the floor where we collapsed and cuddled and talked and I needed to pee but couldn't move so I gave up. Eventually DC came downstairs once she was done with the cake and then at that point I could move so we talked a lot again while SY and RS were sleeping. We finally went to sleep around 3AM. Everything was perfect.
         I woke up super early to go take my driver's test to get my license. I drove half an hour to the DMV while I couldn't even see properly still. The DMV was closed. I drove back home. I really wanted to pass the driver's test while I was still sort of drunk though, that would have been funny. Overall it was the most perfect night even though I felt sick and stuff. Now I know the limits that I had forgotten. I won't get so shit faced and gross at a college party and I won't drink like this without a safe environment. I love the physics clique so so much. I was so glad that I could go and be there for EE. It was sad and emotional because I guess maybe I'm an emotional drunk, but the alcohol kept us honest and open. It was the happiest day in a long time. I love them.

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