i'm ridiculous.

[9:04:24 PM] T: hi.
[9:36:23 PM] D: hey
[9:36:40 PM] T: whats up?
[9:36:56 PM] D: was playing CoD w/ SJ
[9:37:08 PM] T: kyoot
[9:37:38 PM] T: so..
[9:37:44 PM] T: i kind of really need to know
[9:37:51 PM] T: why did you have to lie to me so much?
[9:37:58 PM] D: I didn't...
[9:37:58 PM] T: ugh that sounds really harsh but
[9:38:04 PM] T: like that i was beautiful
[9:38:11 PM] T: and that i was your best girlfriend
[9:38:19 PM] T: and that you had never had sex with anyone you loved before
[9:38:24 PM] D: You were
[9:38:34 PM] D: and then it changed
[9:38:58 PM] T: well most of all
[9:39:17 PM] T: i told you that i was psychotic and i have all these issues
[9:39:31 PM] T: and u said that you were fine with it, that you were the same way.
[9:39:37 PM] T: so i thought you would understand..
[9:40:19 PM] BD: I thought I could, but it was too much
[9:40:37 PM] T: then why would you tell me all those things when you didn;t know..
[9:40:49 PM] T: and you said you would never hurt me
[9:40:52 PM] T: :[
[9:41:34 PM] D: i tried not to... I let you down the best way I knew how to... stop tyring to make me feel bad, it was a month ago and you said you were ok w/ it
[9:42:04 PM] T: sorry.. i'm not trying to make you feel bad.
[9:42:32 PM] T: some things just don't add up in my head
[9:42:43 PM] T: maybe if i didnt say that one thing in the car everything would have been alright
[9:42:51 PM] T: or if i hadnt freaked out at you on christmas
[9:42:57 PM] T: or after finals.
[9:43:18 PM] D: well how about you just let it go? It's in the past... move on
[9:43:46 PM] T: do you think i dont want to?
[9:43:56 PM] D: yes
[9:43:57 PM] T: its not even you that i want.
[9:44:05 PM] T: its the fact that someone was there to love me.
[9:44:15 PM] D: so you dont want me... got it
[9:44:42 PM] T: now that i pushed away the only person who could ever love me, i cant see how anyone could ever like me the way i am
[9:44:52 PM] T: so i have to fake it for the rest of my life.
[9:45:01 PM] D: you dont know that many people...
[9:45:13 PM] T: does it matter?
[9:45:20 PM] D: yes
[9:45:33 PM] T: if anyone takes the time to get to know me again, it will end up the same.
[9:45:42 PM] D: stop bringing other people down w/ your saddness
[9:46:20 PM] D: Frisbee friday?
[9:46:29 PM] T: ...
[9:46:38 PM] T: i feel really bad about all this, i really do
[9:46:48 PM] T: i hate the fact that im ranting to you right now
[9:46:52 PM] D: so yea... frisbee friday?
[9:47:28 PM] T: no, i have badminton
[9:47:47 PM] T: plus everyone there would know me as your depressing exgf who cant play frisbee.
[9:48:50 PM] T: im so sorry about all this. im sorry you had to get to know me and i had to be such a let down.
[9:49:16 PM] D: just stop
[9:49:16 PM] T: now you can tell the next girl that you have only dated crazies before, and you never had sex with anyone you loved before.
[9:49:38 PM] D: omfg shut your mouth
[9:49:57 PM] D: im done talking, go to bed and calm down, ill see you tomorrow
[9:50:13 PM] T: D, you have hurt me more than anyone has ever done before.
[9:50:24 PM] T: its not just me, everyone knows you are a rude person.
[9:50:38 PM] D: bye
[9:51:15 PM] T: you humiliate the male species.
[9:51:28 PM] D: thanks
[9:51:43 PM] T: im lashing out right now, but you really  need to be more considerate
[9:51:52 PM] T: this is something i never had the balls to say while we were dating, and i wish i had.
[9:52:03 PM] D: no, you either like me or you dont, stop talking to me please, thanks
[9:52:09 PM] T: okay.
[9:52:13 PM] T: have a nice life.
[9:52:23 PM] T: i hope you are happy with what you have done to me.
[9:52:23 PM] D: I ment for the night... go to bed
[9:52:38 PM] T: i dont sleep anymore, BD.
[9:53:02 PM] T: good night. sweet dreams.

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