I've been so exhausted lately. I'm don't really mind though. It gives me something to occupy my time and thoughts. Badminton season just started. My badminton bod is already starting to come back. Maybe I'm a creep, but I always appreciate it when athletic girls wear skinny jeans, and right under the butt you can see the slight inward curve of a toned thigh. I think I can get that by the end of the season. I also wish I had a smaller waist-hip ratio. I dream of a wonderfully lean and curvaceous body. It's not that I hate my body. It's just okay. It could easily be better. If I lose any minuscule amount of weight from my short height, it is highly noticeable. It's a wonder why I don't particularly attempt to lose weight normally. I think since I'm going to be exercising hardcore pretty much every day now, my waist will be thinner. My thighs will be toned. My fat butt will be lifted. I could achieve that gorgeously seductive gap between my thighs.
        It's too bad that nobody will be able to enjoy my body with me. 

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