today is my mom's birthday.

        I honestly didn't remember until she came home with a few balloons from work. I was the only one who saw them so I quickly told her happy birthday before she could get mad. My dad thought it was tomorrow. Oops. We were playing around with the balloons later and then my dad accidentally popped one. My mom started complaining about what an idiot he was and how nobody bought her any presents and how she deserves to get all this money and a really expensive skin care set. This went on for about an hour, until finally I told her, "calm down, it's just a balloon..." Her response: "how would you feel if it was your balloon???" Sometimes it is really hard to suppress my laughter when she speaks. I tried to explain to her that just because she was born on a certain day doesn't mean she is entitled to all these things, and that I didn't get any presents for my birthday either and I didn't expect any either. She insisted that her birthday did in fact mean that she deserved to get whatever she wanted, and that she took me out for sushi dinner. This is true, and I thanked her for it, but also pointed out that I never once expected it, just like I didn't expect anything. Nothing quelled her fit though.
       To appease her my dad and I drove to Jewel to go buy her a cake. She told us that she didn't want any and that we were wasteful and awful, but told us what kind of cake she wanted anyway. We spent half an hour at the bakery part of Jewel debating which cake to get her and looked like crazy cake fanatics, and also got her favorite Butter Pecan ice cream. When we got home we were all like yayy happy birthday!!! She acted sour, ate a piece of cake by herself while we were still setting up the table, and then left and refused to eat the cake and ice cream with us, saying that she was full and didn't want all the sugar and coldness in the winter. Then after we were done eating she came back downstairs and ate the ice cream by herself.
        I really don't understand what goes on in her mind. She has such a sense of entitlement and is impossible to satisfy. When I was in first grade, I bought her a $5 ring for her birthday with my own money and she yelled at me for several hours for being wasteful and stupid. It must have been a very ugly ring, since she tossed it the garbage in front of me. I haven't gotten her any presents since then. I suppose I am required to buy my mother presents, but there is no winning with her anyway. If we don't meet all of her expectations, then we are terrible and inconsiderate. If we do try to do something for her, she calls us wasteful and stupid. Perhaps this is why I hate birthdays. My family is forced to pretend to like each other and sing an asinine song together and that just feels so unnatural in my house. I'm complaining too much though.Overall I had a very good day. We had math team practice and that always makes me very very happy, and at least I got to eat cake and ice cream! I'm always tired because I'm lame and need a lot of sleep, but I feel good a lot of the time.

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