the silent treatment.

        Last Thursday, I told my mom that she was wrong for critiquing literally every person on every little facet of their appearance. I told her that studies have shown that it makes children extremely self-conscious if you  make any comments about appearance at all and so she shouldn't be judging people so much. She got really defensive about it and said she could say anything she wants and that it doesn't hurt anyone and why did I care so much. I told her that the moment she decided to have kids she relinquished the right to say whatever the fuck she wants. Somehow she ended up, as always, threatening that I would just end up at U of I and I was stupid and nobody wanted me. She just doesn't care about anyone and doesn't get that her behaviors are poisonous, and nicely enough, they are the number one influence in her children's lives. She stopped talking to me, and only passively aggressively did things like trash my room and talk shit about me to others in front of my face.
        Yesterday she finally said that I better apologize to her or else she'd never talk to me again. My response was, "no thanks, it's been the best week of my life." She yelled at me more and then after a while went back to not talking. I took the opportunity to tell her that I think she is a horrible person and my worst fear ever would be to end up like her, and so much more. It was absolutely awful, but it felt awesome and she couldn't even say anything back because she was too busy with her silent treatment. I find it kind of hilarious that she thinks it's a punishment for me. I haven't given anyone the silent treatment since fifth grade... why is my mother so mature??
         Except I'm not much more mature either. I was peeling beans today and my dad hated that I was sitting down and doing it. I was so lazy, why couldn't I just stand up and peel them? I refused because I think it's ridiculous and doesn't alter the functionality of the beans at all, and so he smacked me across the head. I hit him back for the first time ever, and he hit me again. I was like LOL HIT ME MORE I LOVE THE PAIN and he just yelled at me and wouldn't hit me again. I'm not afraid of the pain of being hit, but it just infuriates me because it makes me feel like a worthless animal. I went up to my room and cried for a really long time and I cut myself so deep and so much. I've never cut myself so much at once and I haven't cried like that since middle school. I had pretty much stopped cutting myself last year. I was in such a rage. My mom walked in on me cutting and she knew what was happening but she just yelled at me more. There was blood running down my arms and on  my clothes and nobody cared. She would not stop talking at me even though my iPod was on full blast and I was just sobbing and not listening. My dad came in and yelled at me more too, that I was so immature, and all I wanted was to be left alone. I started screaming at the top of my lungs like I never have before just so that they would go away and after a while it worked. My mom called me a crazy person and said that I belong in a mental hospital (with good reason.)
        She came in a few minutes later and after half an hour of her yelling at me again about how that she was the only one patient enough with me to talk to me and that once I got into the real world everyone would hate me, I went insane again. I threw my Calc book at her because I just wanted her to leave. She laughed and took it and beat me over the head with it a few times before leaving. I didn't stop crying for about four hours and eventually I fell asleep. I locked all my doors and my dad yelled at me to open them or else. I replied, "or else what? You'll hit me again? You'll block the internet? All the usual scare tactics!" He got pissed I guess and walked away and now I finally woke up. Lo and behold tumblr, facebook, and neopets are all blocked (yes I resorted to neopets to help in procrastination) and I haven't eaten and my eyes are grossly puffy and I just feel awful and sick. Finals span the next few days so I suppose I should study for those. I don't have any distracting websites to look at anyway.

This has post regarding my mental breakdown has been the worst post in a while in terms of both content and writing style and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

-T, the immature maniac.

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