oops i misconstrue everything

        Oh oops in the post before I talked about my friend losing her virginity randomly but that was actually her second time and for some reason I just thought it was her first so I'm just setting things straight now. Her real virginity losing story is so sweet and perfect and something I can sort of relate to so that makes me feel better. The guy ended up randomly shutting her out of his life (sometimes I really  hate men) so that sucks a lot but at least she was happy while it lasted. Also it hurt for her first time which I always thought was a myth or it means you are doing it wrong, like probably not enough foreplay because it didn't hurt at all for my first time with the exception of a little stretching. But who knows, everyone is different.
        Regardless, I still felt what I felt when in the previous post and that still bothers me. Sex is so awesome how and why would I judge anyone for it?
I just have to include this. I want this little girl to be my child.

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