Items for Which I Would Give Up All Contact with D:

  • a 36 on my ACT, perhaps I'd give him up even for a superscore of 36
  • guaranteed straight A's
  • guaranteed straight 5's on the rest of my AP tests
  • be on the top 5% wall my senior year
  • a beautiful C-cup
  • skinny arms and shoulders
  • clear skin
  • minus ten or fifteen pounds
  • lots of money
  • lots of shoes
  • sane parents
  • sanity
  • charisma
  • a crazy new hair color that looks good on me, platinum blonde or copper red
  • a 0.7 waist-hip ratio
  • pretty nails
  • acceptance into my dream university
  • unlimited time and space to discover and download music
  • peace of mind
  • being a legitimate math genius
  • being a legitimately stellar writer
  • delicate wrists
  • skinny ankles
  • no excess body hair - to never shave again!
  • have non-greasy skin
  • a naturally attractive person to people in general 
  • the ability to make friends easily
  • be instantly magnetic to boys, especially the worthwhile ones
  • an attractive and fun prom date
  • a sensitive, attractive, tall, and smart guy who cares about me - love is too much to ask
  • a psychiatrist

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