get me.

I'm recalling a conversation I once had with D.
T: I only really have one or two close friends.
D: Weird.
T: Have you ever had people who just seem to get you? That's what these people are to me.
D: umm.. yeah, like ALL of my friends??
T: o....
Now we have three options here:
1) I'm looking for too much in friendships, and if I lowered my expectations I would find good friendships in people who don't think exactly as I do.
2) Most other people have an easier time understanding each other, maybe because they are more simple or more average.
3) Most people like D have yet to experience true friendship, and so they feel like their mediocre friendships suffice. 

Maybe one or two or all of the above are true. Another thing I find is that some "best friends" never talk about anything important or deep, and only do fun things or whatnot together. Maybe I'm just excessively needy for deepness. Maybe I just don't know enough about friendship. Maybe I know too much. There is no way to know. 

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  1. expecting more out of friendship isn't a bad thing. it seems that the older i get, the more picky i get.