all i want

        We failed because you couldn't accept me once I began to reveal myself to you. You couldn't accept that I'm a real person too, and that I make mistakes, but my mistakes don't define me. You tried to change me, and I tried to change too. I couldn't change quite quick enough for you. I couldn't quite turn my life's mindset around quick enough. We just "weren't right" for each other. We weren't the same person.
        Honestly when people say that they just "aren't the same person," it frustrates me. Did you really expect that when you were born, one person out of the nearly 7 billion in this world was also born and created just to be with you? It's highly implausible, really. Even if it is the truth, how are you supposed to find this person? Soul mates are not made for each other. Each soul mate made the other. It's a combination of sensitivity, acceptance, and compromise. Relationships fail when one of these are not met, and really all three of theses factors run into each other. 
        I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait for boys in my dating pool to catch up and know this too. They don't know how to make compromises. They are all so naive, and I don't blame them. I wish I could have stayed naive like that forever. Everything used to be so full of hope and potential. Only if I meet a guy who can give and take properly in a relationship could I allow myself to open up again. Actually, I know that's not true. I'll probably make the same mistakes and fall  head over heels for the next attractive boy who plays himself up to be sensitive and caring and shows some interest.
        I had my first "boyfriend" when I was twelve years old. I'm nearly sick of it. Statistically speaking, I most likely have another ten years of this. Some people never even find anyone. Some people have it so easy. They find that perfectly accepting person in high school, and they're set for life. I don't know how anyone could ever accept me though. I can't even accept myself. I can't even name one thing that I particularly like about myself. If you can name something positive about me, I've contemplated it and refuted it.
        "All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they're not all the same." Sometimes we never get what we really want. 

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