nervous breakdown (?)

        I have been so excruciatingly busy, and the next few weeks are going to be horrible. I have badminton every day after school, and most days I don't get home until 8. 
Next week I have a four day AP Calculus BC exam, which is going to be worth my entire fourth quarter grade.
On the 23rd I have an all day badminton invite. 
On the 21st I have a large English project due, but I got my teacher to let me have until the 25th. 
On the 28th and 29th is the PSAE, which includes another ACT. 
For some reason I'm the last minute assistant for the oralist who is going to state for math team on the 30th. 
I have to study for that and meet with the oralist a lot now. 
On May 2, I have both my Chemistry and my Psychology AP exams. 
May 3 is conference. 
May 4 is my Calc BC AP. 
May 7 I am taking the SAT Subject Test for Chemistry. 
In June school will be ending, but there will be finals and another SAT Math II. 
I'm sure there's more that I have forgotten about/more things will come up soon. 
If I am going to have any chance of getting into my dream school, I need to get straight A's. I don't know if that is going to happen with everything that's going on. I'm really stressed out and all I think about during sleep are my heavy lids and overwhelming work. Somehow I haven't had a nervous breakdown yet, though I'm waiting for it. 
        Also, I still don't have any leads for prom. I want to laugh at D because he got rejected by three girls for prom and has no one to go with, but I also don't have anyone to go with. Plus, he's such a hottie, I'm sure he'll find someone. Man, why'd he have to go and kill both of our perfect proms? We would have been the hottest couple there.

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  1. You're working so hard, it's wonderful but make sure you allow yourself to breathe, even for a few minutes, once in a while.