the female paradox

        Yesterday was the school disco dance. The dance has nothing to do with disco anymore, and is known for being the night during which the girls dress as skanky as possible. I thought I was being pretty skanky, (shiny silver sleeveless top and tube skirt,) but I didn't realize how bad everyone was going to be until I got there. Girls were pretty much wearing bathing suits and underwear.
        I spent the first half of the dance trying to find this guy I kind of liked and dance near him, but then I realized he was never going to get off of that freshman hoe. They have been texting each other whenever they watch porn or masturbate. It was funny, because he told me he avoids sluts and stupid girls. Once I realized he was a lost cause, I just flitted around and grinded on attractive guys who I didn't know. 
        What is the point of this story? I gauge my own self-worth on how much I believe guys are into me. Boys think they want a girl with brains and purity, but really they end up being hooked in by the major skanks. We write off these skanks as dumb and worthless, but then again they are getting the attention that we want (as evidenced by me, later skanking it up with random boys myself.) We are supposed to be upright and prideful, but then we are also supposed to flaunt our sexuality. The biggest skank is the most hated, but she also reaps the most benefits. 
What's a girl to do?

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