ok i'm embarrassing

Oh yeah so yesterday I looked at the GPA percentile ranges for the students in my year again for some reason. To my surprise, I realized that before I had been looking at the numbers wrong this whole time and I actually was in the top 5%!!!! For some reason I thought I was .02 away, but really I was .1 above! I was so excited, I was going to be on the special wall for everyone to see YES! I checked like ten more times to be sure and yes it was true.

But wait, I looked again and it turned out I had actually been looking at it wrong and I'm not actually in the top 5% haha WOW. I was really embarrassed considering I had just told someone and tumbled about it wow ok. Still though, I am only .003 away from being there. Yes, only three-thousandths away. I feel really dumb, if I hadn't gotten that one B sophomore year, or if I hadn't been a bum my freshman year maybe for just ONE CLASS I would have been there. Still though, I might have a shot at it MAYBE. There is still one semester left that determines the wall people, and if I get straight A's then I will have a 5.0 this semester and maybe take someone's spot on that wall. Yes, that is my new goal and I think I will just die if I don't get straight A's. If I get straight A's and still don't end up on the wall I think I will be okay with it because I did everything I could. 

Still though, yesterday for those few minutes I was going to be on that wall and I was just so relieved and happy and appreciative of my life. Wow how dumb am I?? 


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