More Wiener!!!

        TO is 6'1", going to U of I for Engineering, and athletic. He is playful and does not despise grammar, and really not bad looking... for an Asian. I just really cannot make myself be attracted to Asians, something is wrong with me. I'm seriously a race traitor. 
        Also, he really needs to settle down with the incessant shoving his tongue down my throat NONSTOP, like doesn't he have any other tricks? Sloppy. He's a nice guy, though I'm not quite completely comfortable yet. Casual physicality is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Then again, if it was with someone white and super-hot, would it be this confusing? Who knows.
        For some reason I thought his Asian status implied shyness and slight prudeness. I was quite a bit surprised when I found his hand sliding up my thigh within five minutes of mack-time. All boys are seriously the same. Just kidding, I can't make that generalization, but I mean come on.... D I think was a lot smoother than he was, and a better macker, and made me feel much more at ease. He was so silly it was great. That might just be because we were in "love" and had a good relationship going on, though. Oh crap I'm comparing I suck.
        This encounter really shows how much a friendship can change. We used to be dumb middle schoolers sneaking around the school and doing stupid stuff. A few years pass and suddenly we are both de-virginized, more attractive, more sure of ourselves, and horny as fuck. Sexual tensions over the years exploded today. Cool.

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