China Tomorrow

        Starting tomorrow, I won't have access to Twitter, Facebook, or Blogspot. I think I still might have access to Blogger though, so maybe I can still update periodically. If not, then I guess you won't be hearing from me until after July 26.
        I'm scared to room with the three other random girls. I am going to get judged so hard for being so high maintenance, and for my skin. It's going to be really bad but I think after I take a shower or whatever I'm going to put a little makeup back on and wear it to sleep so as to not to make anyone want to jump out the window. It'll be the non-harmful-to-your-skin kind of makeup, but still it's just like blah don't want to have to do that for three weeks. Also I've packed so much makeup and eyeshadow and makeup brushes... I'm also probably the only non virgin going in our group of thirty or so. It's not that fact that bothers me, but the fact that I expect most there to be pretty close-minded. I'll just have to suck it up, I'm pretty good at pretending to be a normal, functioning, sociable human being anway. Okay, hopefully I will still be able to post once I'm in China, bye and stuff.

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