Big 5 personality test

I'm on my once a year personality test rampage. I took my favorite one again, the Big 5 Personality test.
I think this one is the best categorization of traits, and I like that it has a scale rather than definitively putting you into one or the other. Like in the Myers-Briggs test if you answer one extra question more introvertedly you're automatically completely an introvert, and I don't think that's entirely accurate. I just took it today and got INFJ, though I've been ISTP and INTJ in the past. The description of INFJ seems to fit me well though. LE is an ENFP.

As for the Big 5, you can score yourself against the personality of another person in your life, so LE and I did it for each other as well.
Click here for mine.
Click here for his. 

We mostly got pretty similar results for ourselves and each other, except for the conscientiousness. He thinks he's a slacker possibly because of his past, but I think that when he really focuses and puts his mind to something, he follows through really well. When we hang out he is extremely punctual, which is refreshing and is just one way he shows how conscientious he can be.
Personality tests are just good fun. They don't tell you much about yourself so much as make you more aware of certain things, but also if they are incorrect about you you can think about why you think you are different from the description. It's also kind of awesome win they seem to pin you down just right.


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