summer goals

  • Learn SQL and SAS (preferably before summer even starts plz)
  • Learn lots at my internship wow!!! Meet all the people!! Ask lots of questions!! Be proactive!!
  • Encourage LE to get a job
  • Be nice to my babies and teach the older one how to spell mom and dad and his name and his sister's name
  • Continue on that reading list, add more to it
  • Check out AP Stats book from library !!
  • Learn R ?
  • Run 2-3 times a week or at least as much as my ankle can take. If not then don't eat so much !! Calorie restriction (not starvation) leads to longevity, I think...
  • ugh but I will be so busy 40 hours a week for 10 weeks omg
  • Be fully prepared for Moneythink curriculum
  • Donate/give sister clothes that I don't wear anymore
  • Only buy clothes if I can wear them in a business casual environment
  • Save all of the internship money. Do not spend one single penny of it. 
  • Remember that your friends exist. Even if you are a sociopath. 
  • 40 hrs a week for 10 weeks where can i get more time??? 

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